Oct 142014

Urban branding: the Hialeah Hiccup souvenir. Integrated within our focus 2 (citizenship and human relation to place) On the basis of previous work by Hiccup members Ernesto Oroza and Gean Moreno (on the general commercialization of souvenirs and their erasure of community specificity), we will launch a quest for the Hialeah souvenir. Now a manufacturing and distribution center of generic souvenirs of other places, Hialeah is a city that remains invisible in the souvenir-consuming circles. By both deconstructing the souvenir-fetish and engaging diverse groups of community residents in a quest to re-imagine their city and themselves, we will address the double consciousness of our industrial, decaying community. On a second phase, HICCUP will collaborate with local souvenir factories to produce and commercialize objects of labor, practice, and locality that are at once aesthetic and place-making, while generating a reflection over representations and self-representations.