Oct 142014

Community outreach through a bimonthly bulletin (2,000 issues/8 pages), distributed free of charge through Hialeah (1/4 of issues mailed to rotating random addresses). Both as an aesthetic object and an informational tabloid, it will feature fixed sections (an editorial, local cultural news, a Spanish crossword puzzle, and a guest, bilingual column) and a single-issue focus and format, documenting various text-based materials (photo albums, restaurant menus, store catalogues) according to content. Content will feature our research-in-progress, chronicles and reports on Hialeah-based cultural practices (e.g. cake making, quince parties, garden santo placement, remittance-generated consumption), new forms of urban settlement (from trailer parks to low-income gated communities”) and of engagement with nature (e.g. tree demolition in favor of outside concrete surfaces).

Precedent project here